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The virtual reality industry is growing at a fast pace. In 2020, the total number of VR users has reached 1 billion worldwide. In the United States, the VR market size is expected to grow from 6.2 billion US dollars (2019) to over 70 billion dollars in 2024.


Research and illustrate statistics for virtual reality worldwide.


As a result of my research, I have stopped on the following aspects providing a broad picture of the VR market: global VR market size, the number of VR users worldwide, VR spending and the number of patents by country, the largest vendors and the top 10 companies that own AR/VR patents.

I have turned to isometric illustration as a good way of showing such an abstract notion as virtual reality.

virtual reality infographics

Mini Infographics

virtual reality infographic
virtual reality infographics
virtual reality infographic

Virtual Reality Infographics

virtual reality infographic