UK’s Washing Habits


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Hammonds Furniture research conducted in 2020 in the United Kingdom revealed quite a lot of interesting facts about UK’s washing habits.

It has turned out that a significant number of people wash their coats, blankets, gloves, jeans and even bedsheets once a year.


Illustrate statistical information for the washing habits in the United Kingdom.


I have carefully reviewed the information and compared it to a similar survey published by Mulberrys Garment Care for Laundry Statistics in the United States. The results turned out jaw-dropping and revealed a lot of similarities in the two countries.

To illustrate the statistics, I have created a simple layout with minimalistic illustrations and a bright colour palette. I have decided to keep it simple and appealing. Since the topic is sensitive, I did not go deep into detail and kept it simple.

washing habits in UK  infographics

Mini Infographics

clothes that people wash once a year
washing habits infographics for washing towels
washing habits infographics for washing underwear

Laundry Habits in the United Kingdom

washing habits in UK infographics