Editorial Design

Mama’s Hands Cookbook


Mama’s Hands


Cookbook layout, original food photography, original illustrations, logo redesign

Studio Nuvo Team

Team Leader: Emilie St. Pierre.
Team Members: Alina Demidova, Taylor Krulicki, Pahul Singh, Knowledge Majoni, Moones Nouhi


Mama’s Hands is a group of diverse women brought together by their passion for cooking. Together they have established Mama’s Hands, a company that values international cuisine and connects people through food. Mama’s Hands cook food for multiple clients and participate in the Farmers Market.


Creating a 32-page cookbook with original photos of food and portraits of cooks. The publication shall be small and functional, showcasing the dishes and telling a short story about people who cook them.


The team has arranged a series of photo shoots and made photos of all dishes included in the cookbook. We have created an original layout for a publication that can stand without support when a person cooks. This layout shows a photo of the cook, tells the story and leads to the recipe.

The Result

Cost savings: The cookbook represents an affordable solution with minimal print costs.
Time savings: The cookbook is easy to use. It lets the users cook without touching the pages and keeps them clean.

In December 2019, the cookbook was available for sale at VCC shops in Broadway and Downtown campuses.

My role in the project: food photography, portrait photography, editing photos, layout design, proofreading.

Food Photography and Editing

The images below show a few examples of my photo editing in Lightroom Classic, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Most of these photos were included in the publication.


The cookbook layout is an example of our collective work supervised and managed by Emilie St. Pierre, my colleague at Studio Nuvo. I took an active part in shooting and editing photos, creating the layout and reviewing the publication before it was printed.