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Fig Leaf Promotions (Canada) Ltd.

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3 Workbook Journals
3 Resource Sheets with exercises


Head of Production: Geoff Turner
Art Direction:
Joanne White
Project Management: Hollie Graham
Production Editor: Callum Beesley
Production Designer: Alina Demidova
Illustrator: Alina Demidova
Editors: Cathy Atkinson, Varsha Primalani, Laura Borelli, Ashley Hugot, Yuen Kew Li 


The Foundations series includes 4 picture books by James Allan Hermanson and three Workbook Journals.

The Workbook Journals meet the requirements of the UK curriculum and contain creative exercises and beautiful illustrations that encourage children to learn maths.

My Role

Illustration. I have produced bright and creative vector illustrations matching the Maths—No Problem! style.

Production Design. I was responsible for reprint corrections in InDesign, Preflight checks, preparing proofs and exporting print-ready files.

Project Highlights

144 pages with unique vector illustrations matching the Style Guide and supporting complex mathematical concepts, like volume, patterns, capacity, sequence of events.

Layout Design

The series follow the English National culliculum. Each book has 48 pages with bright illustrations and creative tasks.

annual report cover design
annual report cover design
annual report design
annual report design
annual report design and infographics

The Resource Sheets below provide ready-to-print materials supporting the Foundations books and containing additional exercises. The materials provide multiple ideas for tests and exercises that are aimed at helping teachers.

annual report design
annual report design and infographics