Package Design

Astoria Ice Cream


School project based on a personal project


Package design, original illustrations


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


Annual sales of ice cream in Canada amount to $284 million. The market is growing and 40% of consumers are looking for interesting flavour combinations. Statistically, 70% of women admit that they like to eat ice cream as a treat to satisfy a sweet tooth.


Creating a brand and packaging that would attract the target audience, meet the industry’s requirements and stay environmentally-friendly.


At the moment, the industry is working on ice cream tubs with plant-based coating, which I selected for my design. As opposed to plastic coating, this material will be biodegradable and have the same shelf life for frozen products.

My additional research has revealed that 27% of Canadians are interested in ice cream with alcohol, while people aged 55+ consume premium-brand ice cream at nearly 50% above the national average.

I decided to stop on these two factors and created packaging for alcohol-flavoured ice cream with bright illustrations and a logo that would attract my buyers.


sketches for package design

Style Guide and Illustrations

logo design and package design in Vancouver, Canada

Package Design

ice cream ad