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Infographics, original illustrations


Adobe Illustrator


5G is a new generation of mobile communications with a large increase in speed. 5G is expected to digitize and revolutionize many aspects of our everyday life. It is faster and able to support more connected devices than 4G.


Showing the benefits of 5G in a form of infographic and illustrations. Take complicated statistical information and make it easy to understand for attracting my target audience (people aged 12+ who are using mobile devices).


I have carefully reviewed the information and selected Seattle as a modern city that would help me show the benefits of 5G technology.

To illustrate the statistics, I have created a clean layout with a series of minimalistic illustrations. I did my best to make my visual story appealing and inspiring the target audience to start using 5G.

Seattle illustration

Mini Infographics

how fast is 5G
5G map
benefits of 5G

5G Infographics and Statistics

5G infographics and statistics
5G infographics and statistics